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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to where IMW can go to shoot video for a client? 

IMW brings over 25 years experience to the broadcast news, 3D motion graphics, web development, print media and corporate video production arenas. We’ve developed solid, proven and reliable relationships with video professionals worldwide. If your project scope requires it and your budget supports it, IMW will go to the ends of the Earth for you.

Is IMW’s video broadcast quality? What formats are available?
Our business model and international network of production professionals allows us to outfit your project with precisely the crew, gear, and deliverables that reaches your goal and fits your budget. Our DPs are selected because of their additional expertise and experience in lighting. The professionals we work with also go on assignment for major news networks, cable television shows, major motion pictures and Fortune 500 corporate marketing projects. Many of our photographers are also independent film and documentary makers. They bring their cinematic eye to every project, no matter what the budget size or scope. If we are weaving into an existing project and you prefer us to use a certain type of camera outfit, we can acquire whatever you request. 


What role does the IMW producer play?
IMW assigns a dedicated project manager to every client engagement. This single point-of-contact for the client is a highly experienced producer that communicates with every member on the production team. Many production companies will provide quotes for services without including a producer. This means that the client is responsible for ensuring that video crews capture exactly what they want, as well as any and all coordination involved in keeping the project moving forward. Over the years, IMW has found that nearly every client we’ve worked with simply doesn’t have the time, expertise or desire to fill this role. Our project budgets include all coordination, video shoot oversight, post-production supervision and management of all deliverables from creative consultation through the finished product. For production companies that do have their own producing staff, we are happy to provide our crews under your guidance.

What is included in a standard video crew package?
Our standard video crew includes a Director of Photography (DP) and his/her AD (assistant director/2nd cam ops), HD camera pkg, viewing monitor, basic light kit, audio gear and minimal grip equipment to each shoot. Our thorough consultation process will identify what additional gear may be needed before your shoot date so your budget avoids any “surprises”. Some popular “add on” items are wide angle or fish-eye camera lens, Glidecam vests, advanced lighting kits and teleprompters. IMW can equip and crew simple b-roll shoots to large scale, complex multi-camera events. We have experience in live events and satellite feeds.

How much lead-time does IMW require?
Essentially, we can deploy one of our local crews within the Charlotte/Carolinas market within 24 hours notice. However, most of our clients do have time to consult and prepare their scope. As soon as we complete the creative consultation session, we put the most appropriate crews “on hold.” If another client requests one of our crews for that same day, we will give the original client ROFR (Right of First Refusal.) This means that the original client can immediately “firm up” or “book” the crew, or allow them to take the next offer. Should this happen, IMW will then work aggressively to book another crew for the original client without impact to their project timeline. If a client cancels or postpones a shoot after exercising ROFR, there may be a cancellation fee to off-set the lost revenue incurred by IMW.

How are IMW video crew fees clocked?
When an IMW video crew is booked for a full or half day, their time clock starts ticking the moment they leave their office for the drive in to the location. If a crew must drive three hours round trip, they will have seven hours on site before the “full day” limit ends and overtime begins. Sometimes, crews will allow themselves to be booked as “local” which means it’s close enough to their office that they will not charge mileage, gas, parking, meals or other travel expenses. Outside of a 50-mile radius, most crews will need reimbursement for mileage, gas and parking. IMW negotiates the absolute best deal that will be a win-win for both the video professionals and the client.

How is travel reimbursement determined?
If a crew must travel more than two hours and the call time is before 8am (in the local time zone of the shoot), the crew, including the producer, may require appropriate hotel accommodations the night before. IMW follows the industry standard reimbursement of $.58/mile for vehicle travel. IMW producers bill a flat travel day rate of $250, no matter how many hours were required to travel to the location. IMW’s video crews are located in every major city nationwide, so depending on exactly how long the drive is to the shoot location, travel expenses can be simply hotel, gas and mileage or there may be an additional travel day fee if they are unable to work for other clients on the day prior to your shoot.

What is a ballpark rate for video crews nationwide?
In Charlotte, IMW charges approx. $2000 as the day rate for our standard video crew. This includes a two-person video crew, usually DP/AD or DP/A1. Depending on the scope of the shoot, additional day rates for producers, audio technicians, grips, etc., may come into play. IMW has a int'l/national network of professional DPs and, according to their market size and pricing scale, average day rates can fall between $1300-$2400. Your IMW producer will advise you of your cost, based on your project specs, to ensure you are well briefed before work begins.

Please note this day rate is for the day-of, on-location capture of the video only. This does not include pre-production or post-production rates. Once you've discussed your project with your producer a customized proposal, with line item cost, will be presented for your consideration. 

You may also notice that we do not break our day rate into "full" and "half" days. This is because, in most cases, a crew cannot realistically book a second client in the "leftover" time on a half day. In fact, there is a trend in our industry to no longer differentiate between full and half days due to that reality. Once a client’s creative consultation is complete, IMW can aggressively scout and negotiate the crews needed in every market the project requires. We guarantee that a client will have a solid estimate before shooting ever begins. Certainly, changes in scope and other variables can impact actual cost. These changes are discussed, as they happen, to ensure the client is always aware of the bottom line.

If after assessing your needs we determine that we can offer a discounted day rate or waive other line item fees, we are happy to do that to earn your business!



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